Feb 11

How to burn Xbox 360 XGD3 backups on cheap media

Though not supported officially by C4EVA, it’s fully possible to burn XGD3 backups on cheap media dyes such as  RICOHJPN-D01-67 and CMC MAG-D03-64 had almost 100% success rate but also a higher price)

First of all, you must get a Lite-On iHASx24 DVD burner (or their clones such as ASUS DRW-24B3ST, MSI DH-24AS B and so on) and flash iXtreme Burner Max firmware.

If you want a lower speed, say 2.4x, on some media, to increase success rate, click Here

After flash, run ImgBurn (future higher version will also do).

0.Turn on or off Tools -> Settings -> Write -> Perform OPC Before Write, different disc will have different success rate with this option on or off.

1.Select “Write image file to disc” as usual.

2.Click “Advanced Settings” button in bottom right corner. (Marked red in screenshot)

3.Open Lite-On panel in Advanced Settings. It is required to click the individual “Change” button if you changed any setting item and a “Success” message will pop up to confirm the change.

- Turn on Online HyperTuning

- Turn on SmartBurn

- Turn off OverSpeed

- Turn on or off Force HyperTuning (same reason as OPC mentioned in step 0)

Now you are ready to go! Enjoy XGD3 backups.

Note that in our tests, some discs won’t work at all even with all settings done!! Please try and buy another brand of disc if you encounter this.

[warning]Please do not use this tutorial if you do not plan to pay for your games, xnand.com does NOT endorse piracy. Copyright laws vary widely depending on country[/warning]

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  1. Marcos

    Can I do it with a Sony Optiarc 5280s CB plus?

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