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Feb 11

How to burn Xbox 360 XGD3 backups on cheap media

Though not supported officially by C4EVA, it’s fully possible to burn XGD3 backups on cheap media dyes such as  RICOHJPN-D01-67 and CMC MAG-D03-64 had almost 100% success rate but also a higher price)

Feb 11

How to force Liteon iHas burner to burn XGD3 backups at 2.4 speed to increase chance of successful burn

Feb 06

How to flash the Liteon iHas 124 series to allow burning of XGD3 backups

This guide will show you how to easily update a Liteon iHAS 124-XX B DVD Writer to the iXtreme Burner Max Firmware This tutorial works with all the compatible iHas-B drives, however we chose the 124 as the base guide as that it was the hack was originally designed on and its the cheapest / …

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